Monday, January 24, 2011

Exploring Mercato Centrale

Last Saturday, the Cheese and I set off to BGC to experience Mercato Centrale for the first time and boy it turned out to be such an awesome experience mainly for the various foods and goods you'll find there and of course, the freebies!

Some of freebies I had the courage to take (yes I really was too shy to take on more freebies so I chose carefully what intrigues me, what perks up my interest and of course, what I simply want) : various cakes (walnut, chocolate, even zucchini cake!), carrot & pumpkin chips, paella (the regular paella and the black paella!), homemade yogurt, candied bacon icecream, escargot, WAGYU (darn it was so soooooft and easy to chew!), lemon tea juice, chicken wings and Moroccan bread.

The Cheese and I tried Tea-ology, taclings (little tacos on egg holders so kyoot) and Pan de Bagnet which seems to be such a hit and crowd favorite.

Thumbs up to all the organizers (I saw two of them, RJ Ledesma and Anton Diaz)!

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