Sunday, January 30, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

There is no force on earth more powerful than the will to live.

There may have been a lot of scenes that this (docu) film can do without but I believe they rather became essential parts and contributed to the general outcome of the film which is BEAUTIFUL.

As for the gory part, it wasn't that bad. Really. What was bad was almost feeling what he was feeling while cutting away the tendon and the nerve ohgodiwillneverbeabletodothatitlooksreallyREALLYpainful. And yes, in many of his interviews he revealed that "Overall, it was 100 times worse than any pain I’ve felt before.”

My favorite part? That climax/rescue scene with the Sigur Rós song playing on the background. Because then you know that everything's gonna be better again for a guy that you're rooting to live.

Aron Ralston's story is so inspiring I'm gonna forgive him for not telling anyone where he's going. I'm sure he learned a simple yet huge lesson out of that experience and glad that he's spreading the importance of it during his talks.

Had I been on his place, I would've definitely die and rot in the place and no one will ever knew.

The real Aron Ralston at the end of the movie


Hannee said...

pengeng kopya! :D haha

Marye said...

Sige magdala ka ng USB bukas.

ed said...

galing nito! nakaka inspire na movie. my friend said that he's classmate bought a mountain bike worth 20K because of this movie!

ps: don't have the option to place my URL and name sa comments kaya gmail account muna.

Marye said...

Omaygas nag-comment ka! Kaaliw naman.

Yeah it was a really nice film :)

And oh, I changed the settings now hehe. Thanks for dropping by!