Monday, August 23, 2010

High School Besties

Jho, Wenda, Vianne and I

Haneps. Last time Wenda and I saw each other was 10 years ago pa! And I'd like to retell that story I've almost forgotten that she helped me remember last night. The last time I saw her was when she accompanied me in my enrollment in UP (Virata Hall/UP ISSI di ba?) on no less than my birthday pa.

I already forgot how she ended up coming with me on that (one of the most) important day of my life but what I never forgot was the grateful feeling I had for her when she came with me just because I don't wanna be alone with my own mother in such a big university, surrounded by hundreds or even a thousand of freshmen kids eager to get the PE or Foreign Language subjects of their choice (pre-RGEP days). I just turned 16, a probinsyana kid amidst the sea of cooler Manila kids and other cooler provincial schools. I can't explain my anxiety and jitters.

For those who know, they'll understand why I don't want to be alone with my mother. Heck, they'd probably wonder why she was with me in the first place. Anyway, going back to the story, it all came back to me. I remembered how happy (and relieved) I was that she was with me on that day. As unfamiliar as I was to everything and everyone in that place, she was the only familiar person I knew i could hold on to. So, thank you. Alam mo yun.

As for Jho and Vianne, in between those 10 years, I got to see them from time to time. And by that, I meant seeing them after long periods of time. Years to be exact. But still, it wasn't the same with Wenda whom I didn't see for 10-freaking-years.

From the six girls of Blue Swirl (yes, we also had a group with a silly name. We were high school!), one just recently gave birth to a baby girl, one is expecting a baby very very soon, one is engaged, one is leaving for China very soon and one has her own house already. As for me, well, I have this blog. Haha.

I hope it won't take years or decades before we see each other again. I will make sure of that. Besides, gagala pa tayo sa Sorsogon. Ibi-build-up pa natin ang turismo dun hehe.


sarsi said...

haha. nagtaka din ako kung bakit kasama mo nanay mo.

Marye said...

E syempre bagong balik ng Maynila. Sya ang pinasama sakin sa pag-aasikaso sa UP. Alam mo ba yun, sabi ba naman nya bakit daw sa UP pa ko pumasok amp.