Tuesday, August 03, 2010


When I started this blog, what I had in mind was simple: a blog that would serve as an outlet of my emotional despairs and woes in life. You see, I was in college and consistently failing my math subjects, ongoing perennial financial troubles, dealing with social insecurities, crushed confidence, living with relatives thus commuting to school everyday on a _ _-peso allowance (seriously) and perpetually contemplating the plans and dreams I wanted to achieve. These ugly thoughts relentlessly swamp my brain I’m surprise… well, I’m surprise I didn’t do anything dumb that I will regret in my future life. To all that I thank my lack of ingenuity, spaced out mind and the unflagging support of my little circuit of trusted friends.

Fast forward to today.

Many things have happened in that 5 years. Thankfully I’m out of college now therefore have stopped failing math subjects, got a job I really like but still zero bank savings account (but hey I got coins in my bear bank if you could count that), I still have my social insecurities but who doesn’t, lives in a cramped and dingy room and brick by boring brick builds a bridge that will get me closer to my dreams.

I suppose it’s about time to replace this blog’s header title. Because whenever I read it, it reminds me a lot of my younger self. Although I could always claim that in a nutshell, I’ve had a much better life than half of the world’s population; it hadn’t been that really easy for me too. Tough, awkward, lonely, miserable times? There were plenty of those but now I am ready to leave them all behind. After all, I have more great memories than just all those things put together.

Yes, I’m sure the melancholic attacks won’t stop from here but I am sure I would handle each of them appropriately and accordingly. Age and maturity has a unique way of manifesting into our system. However, exercising maturity can become a purely selective process only. So, I don’t know. Does that even count?!?

I was leaning to something of “travel/adventure/tramping” ideas but then remembered that I don’t really do that stuff frequently as much as I fantasized about it. More often than not, I forget to post travel related posts (either I was too lazy, tired or have forgotten entirely about it) so there’s really no sense in focusing to one specific topic. Besides, I have tons of interest in life I wouldn’t contain myself to one subject only.

Up next is improving this site’s layout! I’m a bit clueless in that area but I am trying really, really hard to learn more about that so I can finally give it the look it deserves, something that reflects my personality without having to borrow other people’s creation.

In the meantime, see you in another five years, change.

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