Monday, January 01, 2007

Move over Arf-Arf, Hello Oink-Oink!

Sa wakas ay nakapag-access na ko sa blogger after quite some annoying time. Although i had lots of plans to post in here medyo natangay na lang ng hangin. i'm not sure if it's still about the recent earthquake that hit taiwan. i guess not because others can access theirs naman e! Bago kasi sana ko magsimula ng bagong mga entry e gusto ko munang balikan ang highlights ng 2006 ko. pasensya na because sentimality is kicking in. and that's just the way i am. senti to the core! haha. Such as:

* the unexpected success of our org, UP Explore, in that sem's ACLE. Grabe kumita ang sappy/funny/asian love story!

*I went BIG TIME alone in Mega.

*My one-night-only attendance in UP FAIR '06 with a matching one-time live performance of Master Rapper Francis M!

*My big move which practically changed my life.

*My first ever Baguio trip na nasundan pa at nasundan ulit!

*Finishing the DARK TOWER series.

*Finally passing math 11 but flunking math 14 too for the nth time.

*My first ( and hopefully) last MRR letter.

*Short stint at Lakbay Kalikasan which brough me to the historic land of Cavite and the Seven Lakes in Laguna.

*Ping is Love.

*The start of my sudoku addiction.

*Tulad ng Dati. Donsol. Batad: Sa Paang Palay. Cut. Coup b'etat. Waterboys. Old Boy. I Wish I Had A Wife. I love FI!

*Witnessing an Oblation Run in the middle of the year.


*109 sucked! so'd the teacher.

*Milenyo, Reming and Senyang left a lot of people devastated and destructed.

*One Tree Hill, Entourage. and George O' Malley are love!

*Sagada is one bucket of adventure.

*One cool Christmas to cap it off.

So there. My 2006 life in a nutshell. Syempre a lot of things happened in between those, some of which i didn't include in here and some of which i'd rather not talk about at all because it only mean that it wasn't worthy at all. For all the people who made me survived 2006, my humongous gratitude on you all. Yea ba!

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