Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trip Nating lahat

Ninenok mula kay klara sa lj ko.

So, say you were meeting a new person--blind date, new friend, who knows. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever. What would you put in the box? And a copy of your journal or a link to your LJ would be the same thing as just telling them directly, yourself, so that's not allowed.

my results:

1. a blue shirt
2. radio/mp3
3. crossword puzzle
4. Oasis CD
5. journal
6. The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
7. Baby Sitters Club the Movie
8. food magazine
9. watermelon keychain
10. orange bag
11. miniature tent/scenery sketches
12. ticket rides

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