Friday, December 01, 2006

My Christmas Wish List (Yea ba!)

Pero bago ang lahat, random thoughts muna from the past days. Kung hindi man ako bored or bum ng mga panahong yan, then i guess it's what you can call the other "creative side" of mine. Ha! As if.

* Supertyphoon Durian (as what i like to call her) got probably lost or disoriented or whatever a typhoon does when she hit Philippines. Hey, it's just an idea.

*A case-scenario question is a good brain stimulator and a nice way to talk to your crush. Gosh. I hope he doesn't have a multiply account or a blog or a friend-friend-friend.. Biglang na-praning.

*Crosswords and Sudoku puzzles rule my bum times. And i have a lot of it. God i just want it to be 2007 already so that i can steer my life into new horizons. finally.

*Honey? Anong ibig sabihin ng 2-3 bond years? Sorry sa kaengotan!

*After reading the Great Glass Elevator, i realized that a space hotel is kinda cool (minus the USA after the space hotel though). Roald Dahl was an amazing, amazing guy. He's one of the writer i probably would've wanted to meet (along with Stephen King and Ann Martin) if he was still alive. Sigh. Must have been real cool to have him as a father or a grandfather or an uncle or a godfather. you get the point.

*Salman Rushdie had once been a very sensational guy. Just finished reading The Rushdie Letters at naliwanagan na naman po ako.

My grown-up and not-so-grown-up Christmas wish list:

Of course I do not expect to receive every single one of these but it's a wish list and i can put every imaginable and unimaginable stuff that my heart desires BUT, the practical (and kuripot) side of me screams that it doesn't have to be that way. Times are hard and so is the money to get all this and i don't have an account in Cayman Island nor do i have Donald Trump for my father or Oprah Winfrey as my mother so let's just get real here.

1. Socks (anything but plain white)
2. a pocket dictionary (i think i'm behind with big words again)
3.Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.yung Dover Thrift Collection lang kasi PhP 129.00 lang.hehe.
4. The Orange Puzzle Book. Sa NBS. I fell in love with the contents and of course, the color itself.
5. A new Shirt.
6. 10 dollars. Please don't ask me why. :)

if i have my way (and resources) i really would've want to have the following:


1.Angels & Airwaves- We Don't Need to Whisper
2.Switchfoot- Beautiful Letdown
3.My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade
4.Snow Patrol- Eyes Open
5.Sugarfree- Talaarawan
6.Sandwich- Thanks to the Moon's Gravitational Pull (the last album they did with Marc A. in it)

Other Stuff:

*A plain army green Dupe slippers
*Life of Pi by Yann Martel
*Creative (that's about what i think i can afford in due time)
*late christmas stuff to give to important people.

So, next year i must, MUST have a job or sideline o kahit anupamang raket in order to have these extras. sobrang bored na din ako ako sa oras na pinapalagpas ko when i could be doing a thousand other significant things in my life. So help me God.
Happy 1st of December!

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