Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Extraordinary Christmas for an equally extraordinary me

Ha! Forgive the title. But I've recently realized that each of us are extraordinary in our own way. Anyway, on to the more essential subject.

Bago ang lahat, HABERDEY muna kay Papa Jesus! Amen.

I haf to say that this is one of the most, if not the greatest, memorable christmas in my entire life. Previous christmases i've celebrated weren't that much especially on my earlier days (which i don't even have the vaguest idea for the life of me) although there were probably some memorable times too. Hindi ko na ma-contain into words ang feeling. The feeling of having uber nice and happy family. It's well, the biggest thing that is lacking in my life. But being with them (and other families i've been with) compensates for the family that I never had. And even just that is enough of a gift from God.

And i really, really love the gifts that i got. Every single one of them. The new slippers. Pride and Prejudice. The BFG. Hankies. And a new shirt. To quote popsie 'thank God for small favors'. though i didn't find these stuff as 'small favors'. :)
Salamat ulit!

Hope everyone else around had a good fun.

Goal next year: magkaroon na ng mp3. yep. ganun lang kasimple ang buhay. Because i believe in ' No Music, No Life' mantra. to graduate and then find a job soon after. Amen to that.

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