Monday, September 05, 2005


if ever there's such a word as "wastedness", then good. i have nothing to worry about grammatical error whatsoever (because i am really prone to it), but if there's none, well then, i am making one. i was not the one who went through this wastedness (you can return to your normal eyes now!). i dunno. i'd like to think that we aren't really aware of what we're doing while we hang in wastedness. there could be a limit and can you extend it? again, i dunno. i am not in a position to draw conclusions for i haven't experienced such wastedness yet. in other stuff maybe, but still, there's a heck of a difference.

oh, and in case you're wondering why i stand firm in NOT experiencing such wastedness, because it is about getting DRUNK. thank God for that.

* what's next? can they even look into each other's eyes after that night's fiasco? tsk.tsk.

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