Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Best News So Far!!!

i've been wanting to post this but due to a very hazy-crazy schedule, i haven't visited the net for two days. hehe. while we were watching our friends' "napa-funk-nahon e2" dance recital in gym (which was very cool by the way!) i received this txt message:

"mariela ur exempted with a prefinal grade of 83 nd u hav o absences n geog 185. U may stil take d finals in october 4 830-1030 at ph 206. Pls txt bak for ur plans, if u hav questions, txt me."

the whole text itself, unedited. wahaha. medyo nagulat pa mga kasama ko sa sudden outbreak ko. my classmates will understand how much this means to me. although mababa pa yung 83, pero ayoko ng mamrublema pa kaya ok na rin sakin yun. not bad for 185. My Gulay, 185 to!


Andrea Peterson said...
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Joe Powel said...

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