Thursday, September 15, 2005

Found it at last!

"You're off the hook. I've never put much faith in that whole if you love someone set them free crap as evidence by everything I've done in my life up to this very moment. I'm determined to be happy, Joey, happy in this life. And I love you, I've always always loved you. But, our timing has just never been right and the way I figure time is no man's friend so I have to get right with that, and be happy now. Cause this is all we get. I also want for you to be happy. It's really important for me that you be happy. I want you to be with someone; whether it be Dawson, a New York guy or someone you haven't even met. I want you to be with someone who can be a part of the life you want for yourself. I want you to be with someone who makes you feel the way I feel when I'm with you. So, I guess the point to this long run-on sentence that has bitten the last 10 years of our lives is just that the simple act of loving you is enough for me."
-Pacey on Joey

*this is my favorite line, (mahaba sya!) actually, litanya na pala ni Pacey. The best Season Finale. I'm so glad na napanood ko ang final 2 episodes. Madrama na masaya na nakakalungkot. I missed watching Dawson's Creek in fairness. Pero. matanda na rin sila, they have already moved on, so should we.:)


Graciela said...

yeah! cheers!

sinundan ko din ang season 1 ng dawson.. but di na napanood nung nagcollege na, pero dawson's creek's got this special place in my heart for some reasons..

i was happy din na i was able to watch the last three episodes.. i was saddened by what happened to jen.. but all in all i couldn't ask for a better ending. well turned out dawson and joey's not meant to be talaga.. hehe..

but they've move on, and they're happy.. with tom cruise (yuck)

june said...

i've always loved dawsons creek. It reminds me of my happy carefree childhood. I fell inlove with all the characters.. oo, kahit panget si dawson, minahal ko siya..( mahileg ako sa panget eh ;) ) hahahaha..

Ngayon namna, the OC na ang minamahal ko:)