Wednesday, September 14, 2005

of conquering that...

Yesterday was one of the most draining days i've ever hard. I was living in tension the whole time what with academic duty and administrative duty (for the lack of appropriate word). It was probably my fault not doing things that i should have done way, way back. but past is past, i can only live in today, and that day, i hafta do the darn thesis proposal. So, comes the tale of a long day ahead, one filled with tension, dread and fear.

Know what? i wouldn't even bore you with the details of what happened and did not that fateful night, instead i'll go straight to the most important part: I DID IT! yeah. who would have thought? all sort of bad things and idea have been said and thought of but in the end, the only thing that mattered is that i did it. I conquered it. And that I guess, is all that matters. At least for now.

* sa mga taong tumulong sakin na hindi masibak nung araw na yun, SOBRANG SALAMAT! Kay Pam, Sarah & Ice. Sa lahat ng nag-gudlak sakin, malufet ata kayo eh! Salamat!
** sa mga kasabay kong mag-defend kagabi na sina Ed, Nemon, Gerry, Ice, Ina, at Rey, weeee! we're done. at least for the time being!

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