Thursday, August 11, 2005

one gloomy day the dam broke free

"a heart can only take so much..."
-The Corrs-

just recently, i began to realize stuff. it dawned on me that i've been ignoring quite a lot of things that i don't like about him. i overlooked these instances pretending like it's the most normal stuff on earth, and hey, i was blinded, i admit. much to my amazement, we are still two, completely different person. understanding one person is one thing, but understanding a rather complicated persona is another. especially, if they're too stubborn to accept changes. i admit i am a 7-year-old child running around a big kid's college campus.i am aware of my inner self and can be a bit immature most of the time.but i know where to draw the line. i can be a "deep" person if the circumstance asks for it but i guess, we're all too busy to care much for what other people might think.

i am still at loss for words, so i understand that what i am writing is a total wreck. there. just want to unload some of those "stuff".

*thanks ate for the help earlier and for the advice too.
** for friend number 2 (even if she never gets to read this), i am moving forward...slowly.

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Graciela said...

ok lang yan...

don't worry, dadating din yun..

okies? labsyu mayang!