Friday, August 26, 2005

Mah Soul Brotha'

Here is a guy whom i would like to think as my guy version. Although there is so much more in him than there could be in me, i see the similarities all the same. My first taste of raining trivias, gizmos, airplanes, techie stuff, Altic Lansing, Divisoria, super-green as well as corny jokes, rain-soaked ride to and from Batangas. My conscience, my evil master, my mover, my shaker. He is the only guy who knows my topsy-turvy-rollercoaster-sappy-boring-corny-secret life. The one who could make me spill my guts and embarassing mishaps and actually laugh about it in the middle of conversations. The one who calls me by many names that I've actually lost track of counting. Of course, i dare not forget the first 2 names: "May Kulangot" and "May Kalabaw". It's a long story it could actually account for a new post.

He is one of the few guys who actually wrestles me in the middle of Palma Hall's lobby. So, how's that for tough love? And indeed, aside from Popsie, he taught me how to not see love in it's usual form. That it actually comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and yeah, colors too. He's one great guy to have, ladies out there (he's NOT single though) as a friend and more-than-a-friend kind. I have been a witness to his many painstakingly endeavors, mishaps, unfaithfulness and foolishness. He's one of those guys who would definitely go to the limits for L-O-V-E. It may not be obvious but he is one corny and mushy guy despite too much testosterone.

Circumstances have proved that despite his easy-go-lucky and naughty attitude, you can absolutely rely on him. Times might have changed and people might do forget, but memories don't. Unless you had amnesia. But even amnesiacs can remember fragments of happy memories (think 50 First Dates) but that is another story again. He always tells me that soon, I have to let go some of the dearest people in my life because it is the simple reality of life. And when I actually learned how to, just look at the result. See who've stayed and see who've left and never came back. Come to think of it, it is actually happening no matter how much I deny it.

See how good and bad influence you are to me, my friend! But you've done a great shaking and teasing there. Like my other friends out there, I am what I am because of you. I missed our movie and shopping dates, Jollibee and kulitan to the max conversations. Dude Pare, you're how old?! Ew, 22. Two years ka ng kuripot.

Labyulabyu Jog! Whoopee Birthday!

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