Tuesday, August 23, 2005

News from my four corners

I survived the long vacation as you can probably guess. I did a lot of reading, though most of it wasn’t about my soon-to-be report (panic here!). I listened to a lot of music because that’s the only thing I can do while doing stuff. It was real good, yeah.

It’s been ages since I last visited my lola’s house so, I was real excited when we went there. In fairness, I’ve missed my cousins. Even the ill-mannered ones.:) But I especially missed my favorite cousin, Kuya Ryan! His hair is, surprisingly, now longer than mine. I could just imagine him staying an hour longer in the bathroom. So, that would make it two hours tops. Ha!

I am once again cramming for my report due…tomorrow! How I abhor reports!

I’ve got to admit that I am now officially hooked in “Rockstar INXS” show. It’s good, the music they're doing and the little twists the production does to the contestants. I like Marty and Jordis. Mig is also good but he looks old though. Why’s that? Anyway, a little trivia here: Mig was actually born here in Manila! They moved to London when he was just 2. But I swear I’ve never thought he was one. But he looks really Asian.

Maybe, just maybe. There is still a hope for UP Explore’s ACLE presentation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Know what? I have actually talked to a lot of people on the phone yesterday than I could ever imagine. The mishaps will never be gone you bet. I hate and love talking in the phone at the same time. But I could certainly live without one.

Meanwhile, gradpic day is coming. 3 more days to go. Gotta, gotta decide what to do.

*i'm beginning to think of a career as an urban transport planner....or not...it's the darn report! ew!

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