Saturday, August 13, 2005

of chlorine, tropical hut, arcview and domino's pizza

after "swimming" in a hopelessly unfashionable way there is, i managed to cross the darn water. of course, that is after almost swallowing a pail of water (i know, it really sounds ugh). but the euphoria of achieving something is well beyond what human can imagine, at least for me. so, it isn't surprising that i ate like a pig (again!) after the session. you should have seen kimi and I's table.haha! more of a feast for four. Sarsi is not feeling well, so there.

against our will, we dropped by the lab to do some stuff. yeah right! as if i can accomplish something. but to our amazement (again!), pinky told us to order anything we want (as long as it's under 500 pesos only. ngi!). so there, we were once again, lazy 'ol pigs again.

by the way, i haven't done anything progressive yet.

and i'm getting thirsty.

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