Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pieces of May

FLASH:Professor Severus Snape is the Half-Blood Prince.galeng ng mga theories.

studious girl sighted in casaa! pumapasok kaya sa utak nya inaaral nya?

kimi!!!! nwey,found someone with the same "disabilities".haha.for the lack of better words to define mbs says, "life's a beach".

short stay sa lib.trying hard to make myself look busy.nyahaha.i should be but i can't.bullfrogs.

embarassing moment na naman kay maryelogs!what can i do, i was attracted to the color red. must be the bull in me.yay talaga yun kimi!you've had your laughs from me.

eek.kakatapos lang ng math exam kanina.hmm,ok lang. don't wanna elaborate bout it.

lib uli. where have all the books and journals gone? may heaven ba ang mga libro? hope to go there someday.

lab.trying to compose craps.PSEP again?hay... foodie galing kay sir ino.anlamig.

still getting insane...


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