Thursday, July 21, 2005

sleep deprived child

due to the increasing number of loads from different subjects, I have no choice but to cut working hours from my sleeping hours. The amount of work I am (and most of my friends) doing lately is enough to keep everybody’s head to burst out any second.

one good thing about it, though, is I know I am not alone in this insanity. Whenever I feel like talking to anyone about this mayhem, I’m sure someone out there would be bound to answer right away.

Here’s to the sleepless nights we shared and will continue to share.


*we did it! Hang on for the next blow…


Hannee said...

waaaaah!!!!inggit ako sa'yo at nakapag-apply ka sa MBS!pede bang sumabit kapagmay lakad kayo :) sana...haha i swear!sana!haha

hmm..kung smart unlimited ka lang eh magtetext tayo til morning. ako eh taong gising ng gising sa mga panahong to :)

i'll see you real soon :)

Marye said...

sayang honey, pero pramis kung pwede i isasama kita sa lakad namin kung pwede.
or pwede namang tayo lang ang lumakad! yeeha! naexcite naman daw akong bigla...