Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy New Year, Happy New Post! (Part I - UK)

It's been ages since I wrote nonsense here. I've mostly been throwing down my thoughts in my instagram account but I dunno, I can't dump every single photo there that I find interesting just because.

SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. Let me list those down:

  • I QUIT MY JOB! All caps for emphasis. December 18 was my last day at work which was spent doing last minute transition stuff and exchanging gifts with 3/4 of my team. Sad that I was leaving but excited for what's ahead. ;)

  • I spent New Year's Eve in a hotel pub somewhere in Southend-On-Sea. For those of you who are too lazy to google where that is, it's in Essex, UK. Yes, I finally made it in UK!
In case I forget where I was

  • I saw the Stonehenge!!! Unbelievable how many people were there. Apparently people are not deterred one bit of the winter weather. It was so damn cold. And windy which made it worse!

  • Had a proper English Christmas meal with the family of my host. It was so nice to have experienced how they celebrate special occasions this part of the world. I especially loved the crackers (that thing on the plate)! It's a cardboard tube usually wrapped in colourful paper. We crossed our arms to form a circle, each person holding one end of a cracker, then pull the cracker to reveal a gift, paper crown, and a joke inside. So cool! I got a nail clippers by the way.

  • Sherlock special! I need not wait for hours to download it in torrent haha.

  •  London Underground! Although I stayed 2 hours drive away from London, my friend and I made a few day trips here to see the usual sights.

As mentioned earlier, on New Year's Eve we went to 2 pubs. The first was a local favourite called The Last Post

The second was at The Railway Hotel where we rang in the New Year along with 100 (perhaps more) other souls. Absolutely no fireworks, just loads of beers chugged, hugs exchanged, and British songs sung (my favourite was Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now after Auld Lang Syne!). 

  • Visited London icons.

  • Visited museums. They have the best, FREE museums!
Science Museum London

Natural History Museum

The star of Natural History Museum - Dippy, a the Diplodocus - is on display at the central vaulted hall near the dinosaur gallery.

  • Hunted this TARDIS.

  • Got drenched in typical London style. 

  •  English private schoolboys on a field trip + Tate Modern = dedmahin nyo na plz OOTD ko.

  •  Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre. Rachel Anne Go = Pinoy pride!

  •  A walk on the Millennium Bridge bcos Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London was fullybooked for like the next 2 weeks :(

  • Nando's!

  • These lads.

And I swear, too many things in between. I am so thankful for the things I saw, food I got to try, the new and oftentimes funny experiences I had, roadtrips (traffic-free roads damn!), a few shenanigans here and there, the family that adopted me for 11 days and most of all, the opportunity to travel. I hope I could come back again. Til next time, UK!

Next: Barcelona!