Thursday, January 28, 2016

First Month On The Road!

And just like that, 31 days have passed since I left Manila.

Thirty-one days since I've last cut my toenails. Okay gross.

I've experienced winter (mild winter like what everyone kept saying) in Europe, traveled to 5 major cities, seen very famous landmarks, experienced very efficient transport system, stayed in European hostels (every hostels looked mediocre after that), drank a few beers, ate Belgian chocolate (and waffles!), walked too many kilometres, broke down one night due to solitude exacerbated by the freezing weather, flew from -5C to 26C with all winter accessories on.

Currently calling Arequipa, Peru her home base in the next 3 - 4 weeks (depends how everything pans out here). I am doing a "volunteer" work in a hostel in exchange for free accommodation, free breakfast, and staff discount on other services. But before arriving here, I was panic-stricken in Lima when I couldn't find a place to volunteer. I had to pay for my nights in the hostel, although which isn't much but still money going down the drain. I even had a very emo conversation with a friend who gave me his full support believing I could find one soon enough. I just had to be patient.

Lo and behold, when I went back to my hostel in Lima after a stroll in the beach an email was waiting for me. I didn't waste time and immediately traveled to Arequipa. It was a tiring 16-hour journey to the mountains of Arequipa. But I wasn't complaining.

I miss Jollibee, our malls, how there's so many restaurants/fast food chains to choose from (in short food diversity), my friends, and JC. But since this is the life I chose now, I gotta stay tough. hang on, count the days down before JC and I see each other again!

Life here is simple, days slow. It's weird to have so much time in your hand when back home I had barely time for all the things I wanted to do. Pero juiceko I need to find some online part-time job ASAP so if you know anything please hook me up! Thankz pow.

Anyway, goodluck to me in the coming months. Cheers to one month of making it! I 

View from our hostel balcony