Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I Left My Heart in South America, I'm Coming Back to Retrieve It

Leap of faith.

It's the best, nay, perfect phrase to describe the adventure I am about to embark. Less than 3 weeks from now, I will be leaving all that is familiar, comfortable, and dear to me. Something that I never thought I'd get to do nor will be able to do.

I quit my solid corporate job in order to chase a dream brimming with uncertainties. Me, whose one great fear is instability. But as I was mapping out immediate itineraries and backup plans, I realised that it's not really instability I fear of. It's the lack of money. Money to propel a life of comfort in this world. How would I fare out there if I don't have the financial means?

But dreams are dangerous. It burns fire within, something you did not know you were capable of thus equipping you with a belief that you can take on anything as long as you have your dream and you believe in it.

I have a dream and I believe that I can make it. There will be challenges - you bet there will be tons - but my belief is greater than the fears, hesitations, and doubts circling around. My confidence has always been too brittle, but not on this one. It does help that I have the vote of confidence from my little support group.

I can do it. I shall make it work.

PS: rackets and sidelines are very much welcome! :D