Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Hunt For Cheddar Burst Blvd

After watching a Man vs Food episode featuring Juicy Lucys, our brains and bellies went seriously craving for burgers - not just any regular burger but those filled with oozing cheeses. Despite the rain, we set out to hunt for the nearest Juicy Lucy experience. Enter Cheddar Burst Blvd. 

I've never heard of Cheddar Burst Blvd until JC told me about it when he and his friends ate there. This hard-to-find burger place in Proj. 2 actually have several branches in the metro now which I had zero idea with.

Cheddar Burst Blvd, Proj. 2 QC

Cheddar Burst Blvd is located in a quiet neighborhood where you least expect to find a burger joint. The tables and chairs were set up in what was obviously used to be a garage, the house a few steps away. There were 4 tables set up, 2 of which were occupied when we arrived.

Cheddar Burst Blvd, Proj. 2 QC

Cheddar Burst Blvd menu

I was trying to take a photo of the burger flipper, but I guess he was shy.

Cheddar Burst Blvd, Proj. 2 QC

Cheddar Burst Blvd, Proj. 2 QC

I had the D'Original Juicy Lucy, JC had the BBQ Crunch while Za had Just A Burger.

Cheddar Burst Blvd, Proj. 2 QC

Legit! For the price you have to pay to these burgers, I'd say it's definitely worth it. Plus point for the free iced teas we got! They had a promo where you just like their facebook page, show it to them and you'll automatically get a free iced tea.

Expect to finish with messy hands. There's no other way to it.

Cheddar Burst Blvd 
13 Chico Street, Project 2, Quezon City
(0916) 408-9115

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Regina Macapinlac said...

Ang lapit ko lang ditoooo! I shall look for this place :)))