Monday, April 28, 2014

Kimukatsu: Not Your Ordinary Tonkatsu

Before Charlie left Brady for good, he treated the whole team (previous, even new teammates) one last Japanese lunch at Kimukatsu located in the east wing of Shangri-la Mall.

All 6 of us that came in that afternoon were treated and attended by the staff like royalty. Most probably because we were the only people at the time.

Kimukatsu menu, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

One of the interesting things I found out while choosing what food to get was the differently-colored menus for men and women. White for the women, black for the men.

Kimukatsu menu, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

According to Kimukatsu's menu, Kimukatsu's not your ordinary tonkatsu. It is made from 25 layers of mille-feuille katsu in seven flavors.

So the 6 of us chose different flavors of kimukatsus mainly Cheese, Garlic and Black Pepper. While waiting for our mains to arrive, we dug into our unlimited cabbages and miso soups.

I had the cheese kimukatsu and it was great! The chicken was perfectly tender with a generous serving of cheese on its layers.

Cheese Kimukatsu - Kimukatsu at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

The rice came in this wooden container. I wish we have good rice like this everyday!

We also tried the garlic and black pepper kimukatsu that the others ordered. Garlic is actually good as well! 

Cheese Kimukatsu - Kimukatsu at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

I would definitely recommend these flavours to anyone who wants to try out Kimukatsu. Plus, kudos to all the staff who made us feel so special that afternoon. We felt overwhelmed with all the attention given to us, hot they were too attentive with our every needs, but it was the good kind naman. :)

Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 727-0333

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