Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Payday Lunch Series: Saboten

Aaaand we're back after a short hiatus. To kick off our reunion, we chose Japanese food - Saboten. I have to admit I discovered the Saboten hype from Chuvaness. She tweets and blogs often about it, never fails to eat in countries where there is one. It was so funny when I went to Hong Kong in 2011 I was kinda fixed into testing what Saboten is all about as there is one in HKIA departure lounge but I chickened out at the last minute, fazed by all the $$$ I was seeing hahaha.

When the news circulated that there'll be a Manila branch I was ecstatic! Would you believe it wasn't as fancy as I thought it would be? Probably because Yabu rate has already prepped me for it lol. Saboten has more expensive choice of set meals but all in all, the price range aren't too far off. Okay tama na baka magalit ang Saboten sabihin kinukumpara ko sila sa Yabu. 

More than the zen and interior design, I especially loved the fact that they hand out complimentary teas once customers have settled in on their seats. No need to beg for it. Plus points na agad!

Saboten, Taguig, Philippines

Saboten menu - Taguig, Philippines

So we ordered the following:

Mixed Set (1 Deep-Fried Shrimp, 1 30g enderloin Cutlet and 1 Crab Cream Croquette).

Saboten's Mixed Set

Grated Radish Tenderloin Set

Saboten's Grated Radish Tenderloin Set

Tenderloin and Loin Set (1 Tenderloin Cutlet 50g. and 1 Loin Cutlet 65g.)

Saboten's Tenderloin and Loin Set

Ten and Romy.

Gotta love the unlimited serving of cabbage in one huge bowl. So even if you didn't order a set meal (which automatically included the unlimited cabbage), you can be sure to have a go at it still. If there's one thing though that was a bit off about Saboten, it's that their meat cuts are too big (for our mouths haha). I think that could do an improving. Unless they don't want to. Okay.

For dessert we ordered the Vanilla with Black Honey and Green Tea Ice Cream Combination (75 pesos only!). Unfortunately, their green tea was not the green tea I had in mind. It was rather milky than tea-y. Buti na lang vanilla saved the day :)

All in all our Saboten experience was really good. The waiters were prompt and really attentive. They announce your food and how best to enjoy it by suggesting ways on what seasoning to use. But I gotta say, aside from that, there really isn't anything special about it. It's hard not to compare Saboten to Yabu when the latter has been here for a while now. Our taste buds has gotten accustomed to Yabu that Saboten is just like one of those katsu house. Maybe we should try the other specials just to be fair...


G/F Serendra, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 625-2000

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