Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Create Yer Own Pancakes at Slappy Cakes

It's Kai Mykonos' date, with her godmothers and future lawyer tita, in the new talk of the town Slappy Cakes. Here's their idea: we provide the pancake batter, you cook it any way you want to. Idea sold! Mostly to kids, kids at heart and those too lazy enough to come up with their own mixes.

I like their wooden couches - although it would've been nicer if there was cushion? - because it's long and wide enough for toddler to prance around.

Slappy Cakes, Eastwood City

Slappy Cakes menu

Toddlers, they can't and won't stay still. Grown-ups, have to have a quick hand-eye coordination when it comes to snapping photos of/with toddlers.

Because Ninang Mitch hasn't arrived yet.

Kimi ordered Toad in a Hole, which was really GOOD. I loved the fries, she loved the sourdough bread.

Toad in a Hole, Slappy Cakes

I ordered Buttermilk batter, no fixins at all, while Mitch got (more like we coerced her to) the Peanut Butter batter with banana and get this, salted egg duck fixins! Our pancake just drove its way to Bibingka road. 

Slappy Cakes, Eastwood City

Here's Ninang Mitch's art.

Bibingcake slathered with mango maple syrup, anyone? 

The merry gang of Kai Mykonos.

I did not ask her to pose for me, she did it on her own and urged me to take a pic. They start young nowadays don't they!? But she's so cute how can you resist this dollface.

Lest you forget how to do your ABC's, here's an edible reminder...

Overall the experience was fun but one I wasn't too crazy enough to go for seconds. It gave me an idea though. Must find and buy those clear ketchup container so I can have a squeeze batter mix of my own. And I can have as many fixins and toppings as I want without burning my pocket. Sorry, it's not you. It's me.

PS: a bunch of selfies just to prove this toddler's fascination with cameras. Great bonding though, kiddo! Til our next date.


Babeth Lolarga said...

marye, i hope you remain in kimi & kai's lives for a long long time. thank you!

Marye said...

In it for the long haul, Tita B! :)