Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pastry Overload at Wildflour Café + Bakery

Fourth of July brunch with my two girlfriends, Mitch and Amy, in Podium branch of Wildflour. Eh may na-late kaya wala sa pic na 'to.

 Is this considered a selfie even if my intention was to take photo of the wines lang? hee.

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Wildflour Café + Bakery menu

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Okay medyo nakakabaliw lang ang choices sa Wildflour, there's so many to choose from! But in the end, the three of us settled for a pastry board. For 420 pesos you get to choose 4 pastries of your choice. The future lawyer suggested we get the more expensive ones haha. 

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Pastry Board, Wildflour Café + Bakery

Our pastry board choices were Vanilla Cronut, Brownie Turtle, Chocolate Souffle and Banana Nutella Danish.

Wildflour Café + Bakery
 Amy ordered this humongous Croissant Bread Butter Pudding and Tomato Soup (not in photo).

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Mitch ordered Croque Madame (brioche, ham, gruyere, egg).

Croque Madame at Wildflour Café + Bakery

While I ordered the Wildflour Breakfast (coddled eggs, croissant, Greek yogurt with homemade mango compote & brewed coffee). I gave the coffee to Amy.

Would you believe we had to brown-bagged almost all our personal orders? The pastry board was the culprit! We didn't realize that you could get really full just by eating pastries! We were all surprised at the serving size of Croque Madame. My favorite in the pastry board would have to be the Chocolate Souffle as it has the right sweetness to it, not too little and not too much, just the kind I like. The Vanilla Cronut? It was okay lang haha. There's so much pastries to choose from, and the tarte flambé, we must come back for those, that it ultimately requires a second visit. I shall come back for the tarte flambé!

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