Saturday, May 25, 2013

Singapore 2013 Series: Sushi Tei

Being in Singapore meant I have to meet my high school bestfriend since the last time I was there we (obviously) didn't get to. I decided to meet her on a Monday, after her work. Good thing she could make it. We met at Vivo City because her workplace was near.

After looking around for a decent restaurant we finally decided on Sushi Tei. Mainly because of the ridiculous line outside and you know what they say in Singapore, if there's a long line of people waiting then food there must be good. It just took us around 30 minutes of waiting time before we got seated. I wish I could've taken a photo of Sushi Tei's interiors. It's really lovely!

Some of the selections from their menu. I drooled.

I feel terrible that I forgot what this was.

Negitoro Maki Fried. Fried minced tuna with spring onion sushi roll

This too. It looks like Chawanmushi at first but it has lots of crab meat once you break into the custard/steamed egg. I've never tasted anything so rich! I am still allergic to crab good thing I found an antihistamine on my purse, for those moments that I would have a need of it such as that night.

This tiny cup is  actually super heavy on the tummy which I didn't anticipate at all.

Sashimi moriawase or three kinds. I forgot what kind of fish were these all I can identify right now was the salmon. lol.

Thanks baba Vianne for spending time with me and catch up with our lives. Thanks for the treat too!!

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