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Singapore 2013: In a Sea of Red in Chinatown

Note: this is the 2nd post I wrote from my Singapore trip last January 2013. A continuation of this

When I first came to Singapore, I wasn't able to visit Chinatown being as it was a ninja SG visit. So naturally on my 2nd visit there, Chinatown was on my must-visit list. The festivities of the upcoming lunar new year made the experience more fun as the whole Chinatown seemed to be emitting an aura of excitement and joy.

It's super easy to get to Chinatown since there is a direct MRT station that serves this district. Just get on North East Line (or purple line which is easier to remember) and get off at Chinatown station. 

Chinatown Station, Singapore

These scenes greeted me when I stepped out from the underground train.

Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore

I've never seen so much red in my entire life until that day. Everywhere, items in red colors are being sold. Charms, clothes, souvenirs, etc. They have it.

Amidst all the Chinese hullabaloo I spotted a familiar face.

Why it's Tintin the beloved French journalist/snoop character that Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (using the pen name HergĂ©) created! Hee.

Tintin and Snowy
It's Captain Haddock!

Captain Haddock

I just had to take a photo with him.

Almost real life Tintin and Snowy figures.

At the end of Temple Street you can find, eh ano pa eh di, temples!

Sri Mariamman Temple

I also saw this giant snake-like lanterns. It turns out, snake pala talaga sya since it's gonna be year of the Snake soon! Unfortunately, I didn't see the head part :(

In between Temple and Smith Streets.

Smith Street is also best known as the food street in Chinatown. In here, restaurants and hawker stalls line the whole street where tourists and locals alike can satisfy their cravings for authentic Chinese dishes.

Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore

Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore

This is somewhere along Pagoda Street where many hostels can be found (and ongoing constructions for soon to open hostels!).

From there, I walked all the way to Sago Lane where the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum can be found.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Singapore

This temple was built to house the, you got it, tooth relic of Buddha which was believed to have been found in a collapsed stupa in Myanmar in the 80's. I wonder how it found its way in Singapore hmm.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Singapore

The blinding goldness of buddhas inside.

I didn't go inside and instead spent my time sitting and contemplating on the temple floor haha. I people watched, looked at all the tourists that took tons of pictures of the temple in contrast to locals who goes straight into lighting their incenses before offering prayers. It was really nice.

Then I went back to Smith Street again where I met my friend Diane. The lanterns have been lit, making it  dramatically beautiful!

Dried leg hams, anyone?

We ate dinner in the middle of Smith Street.

Satay and rice reminiscent of Cebu's puso. Sorry. ours win by a great margin.

Drat. I forgot the name of this. Anyone?

My lovely date that night who took all my giddy photos, after we got tricked/ripped off into buying various mochis and candy for a steep, steep price hahaha. Thanks, Diane!

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Babeth Lolarga said...

i learned to like/love singapore on our 2nd visit, especially the neat chinatown. nice shots!