Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So Long 2011!

2011 taught me to be more patient than ever. To wait for everything to come on its own full circle. It brought me to new places that once upon a time were only just a dream. I also attended 4 weddings and a funeral (no pun intended!) which made me celebrate and appreciate life more than ever and throw away immediate marital visions and predictions haha.

It ain't much but as long as I'm still breathing, enjoying God's wonderful gifts and creations, I consider everything to be a blessing no matter how small or grand. Allow me to share the highlights of my year through photos:

January. Marikina walkathon with friends. We've been meaning to do this for the longest time and finally it just happened.

February. Cebu! Probably next to Baguio, this place holds a special place in my heart. Whenever I'm in Cebu, my tummy and palate is home :))

March. Something inside this little fangirl's heart died after watching her favoritest local band's last gig. Sugarfree, o kay tagal din kitang mamahalin...

April. Kai Mykonos L. Fernandez. This little bundle of joy may not be mine but in a way she was and many others.

May. I turned 27. I also went back to Sagada aka the zen place up north. Although I didn't see any of those magical wild horses, the experience was pretty magical already.

June. Baguio aka my second home (even though I have no house there!) to visit my godchild Mykonos who's gotten pudgier, bigger and longer! gush gushing galore.

July. All hell broke loose (and BBoyd didn't even take his shirt off ha) upon news of Incubus' return in Manila (it's their third time here already). Thank God I finally was able to catch 'em live albeit still from the farthest seat in Araneta haha.

August. Good God of heaven, I did it! I conquered the granddaddy of Philippine mountains. And despite blistered, soggy feet, dead-stiff knees, chilly nights, I made it to the summit of Mt. Apo. Not without help, of course :)

September. I admire how the local government maintains local tourism in this part of the country. Puerto Princesa Underground River's promotion and maintenance is no easy peasy but they do it so effortlessly I never complained for the prices I had to pay just to get there.

October. Salunat-Franco nuptial. Second wedding I attended this year (well, I didn't attend the Diaz-Gonzales wedding ceremony but I was there on their wedding party so it counts!). What a beautiful wedding.

November. I waited 11 months for this trip and when it finally came I was so happy I almost peed on my pants. Joke lang! When I was watching the closing fireworks in Disneyland I almost cried. Standing there, I relieved my childhood dream - heck, every child's dream - of going to Disneyland and can't thank the Lord enough for this wonderful, wonderful chance. Not many kid/people gets to fulfill their wishes, and on that moment I know that I was one very, very lucky kidult.

December. Another wedding to cap off the year. This time, the wedding of one of my closest - sige na nga bestfriend haha - college friends. Despite the humps and bumps before her big day, everything went greatly. It was a happy day/night especially after most of the guests left because then the real party started :))

If I was ever frustrated or angered in 2011, well happier memories replaced them cos I can't seem to remember them now (or I'm just still drunkenly giddy from the joyous new year celebration hee). The bottomline is, they are not important. What's important are the lessons I learned, the people I met, people who brought significant changes in my life and made me a better person than 2010, experiences that taught me to be wiser, tougher and better in everything be it work, personal relationships, social life, travel mishaps, everything! You know it's a good year if you learned something new and brought it with you the next year.

Thank you Lord Almighty for the year 2011. I am ready to embrace 2012 now.

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