Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Photos of Manila

I love looking, reading and finding out about old Manila photos, old Philippine churches, photos of our ancestors or just about anything related to the old Philippines.

Looking at the old faces of our ancestors, I try to picture how they lead their lives and what their personal stories are based from what I can see and it's not that difficult, really. 

Manila, Manila, Manila. You were such a darling city of the orient once upon a time.

All photos courtesy of Mr. John Tewell. See more of old Philippine photos from his collection site:

Binondo Church, date unknown

Escolta Street, Manila, Philippines, Picture in Leslies's Weekly, New York, USA, Janurary 27, 1900

Old photo of Fort Santiago Gate. The main gate in the middle is what remains now of the original foundation. 

Aerial view of Manila Bay circa 1932

Aerial view of Old Manila. You can clearly see the building of the National Post Office.

San Beda College circa 1945

Old photo Tondo Church

A boy riding a carabao. I really like this photo :)

For extras:

Banaue Rice Terraces circa 1946. Note how they named it Igorot Rice Terraces, probably after Banaue natives.

Jones Bridge, National Post Office Building circa 1920s

University of the Philippines Manila circa 1945, damaged by the war

Baguio Cathedral circa 1945


w.w.r said...

Magnificent photos!!! Where did you get them? :)

Marye said...

It's from a Flickr account of Mr. John Tewell. I posted the link from my short post above. :)

quiveran said...

There's a blog below that has some hard to find, vintage Manila pictures.