Monday, August 15, 2011

What will you see?

Inasmuch as I fear death, I am also mystified by it. I fear death because I don't know what comes out of it, just like how our everyday illogical fears are rooted from not knowing anything. I wonder what will become of me when the Great Hand calls my name, I wouldn't know if I'll ever be ready. Who is anyway?

It dazzles me what afterlife would be. Where would I be? What would I see. what would I hear, will I find it to my liking or will it be what my religion has taught me it would be?

But in the grand scheme of things, whatever may be waiting for me, for us, in the beyond life, I hope the life that would flash in my very eyes are those memories that I so worked hard to be fulfilled. I wish to see a happy life being flashed at me and not images of a brassed off girl, silently wringing her hair while staring at her office monitor.

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