Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jamie and His Food Revolution

This guy here is my new man. I love how he intensely promotes the healthy habit of eating, reforming school lunches in his native country and then going across the pond to US to further instill his cause. I love how he literally cries when children don't know their vegetables. One of my favorite scenes in his Food Revolution episodes was his flabbergasted look upon finding out that American kids are not taught to use their cutleries at age 5-6. Apparently, British kids are taught as early as possible how to use their forks and knives.

Before Food Revolution he had his Jamie's School Dinners show that lobbied hard for a change of school dinners (or lunches on our side of pond) in British schools. It was a massive success of eliminating junk food on every school's dinner plates, with the UK government acknowledging and supporting the need for change.

America, on the other hand, was a different story. There was a lot of resistance and annoying resurgence of old habits that it was a bit hard to actually root for them. I wonder if they're still engaging with their "healthy" food habit.

As for me, what have changed? Well, you won't catch me chomping on those chicken nuggets again!

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