Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Blog Action Day: Save our Coral Reefs and Seas

Save the Philippine Seas!

If you have not heard of the recent debacle on our southern sea front yet, the one where a double city-sized reef were damaged, then I reckon you're not using the internet well. I don't have a television nor do I subscribe to dailies, but since I'm pretty much online 16/7 (yes, I sleep), I read and am made aware of this recent tragedy. Twitter and Facebook are social networking sites that can be really powerful (and useful) mediums when they deliver this type of news.

This is a serious business. It's not something that should be just shrugged off and forgotten after two weeks of talking about it. My God how many millions of marine lives have they killed because of corporate profit? I shudder at the thought of the ecosystem that they screwed by harvesting those corals.

From savephilippineseas site:

"Exploitative foreign firms, in tandem with local partners and left unchecked by irresponsible government officials, are illegally harvesting and peddling our precious coral reefs. In one case, coral reefs twice the size of Manila was destroyed, and the plunder continues."

I haven't seen all of Philippines' marine ecosystem, heck I'm not even halfway yet, but one thing that I can attest and be proud of is that we really have an awesome, AWESOME marine environment that many people will die to have and to see.

As a citizen of this country, let us do our part in preserving our seas. For the leaders, please don't let something like this happen again. There are rules, you should be firm in following it, iron-fisted if necessary. Do not let big time international companies bully or cheat on us. We want the future generation to inherit a rich marine ecosystem so that they too, can experience the treasures that can be found under our territorial waters.

A sample of what's down under. Top left: Clownfish in Pulo Diyot, Bantayan Island, Cebu; live corals on Apo Island, Dumaguete; huge colorful fish in Marine Sanctuary, Mabini, Batangas; and various fishes and corals in Atuwayan Beach, Coron, Palawan

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