Wednesday, June 01, 2011

1, 2, ... 10 JUMP!

On my third time to the incredible place up north we all call Sagada, I finally had the guts to take that 20 feet plunge. My goolay! I'm not a good swimmer at all, but the thought of falling on a 17 feet deep basin didn't scare me at all kasi alam kong aangat at aangat ako and from there I'll paddle like hell na lang. What scared the shit out of me was what I saw while peering down. Where I stood, down below seems awfully far, mataas ang 20-foot drop ha.

Kailangan ng maraming lakas ng loob para iangat ang paa mo at tumalon. If you're on the top and about to do it, I swear you will hesitate on your first try. Or your second, and third and so on. But of course, if you have a bunch of friends urging and cheering you on - telling you that you can do it - it lessens the scare factor. At sa mga pagkakataong ito nagpapasalamat ako that we Filipinos have the "bahala na" factor to guide us in every decision-making tasks we need to accomplish haha.

Thank you Bathala for that thrilling experience. Thank You we all came out alive with no fatalities at all. I did it thrice! Though the first 2 was from the shorter drop. The coldness of the water is nothing once you hit it. I suggest you do the same if you find yourself in Bokkong Falls, in Sagada.

Priceless experience.

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