Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tawangan Trail: The Road Less Traveled

Road number two to Pulag was an extreme adventure I dare not try again. I thank the Lord I and 14 of my friends came out alive, all in one piece. The general feeling of heaviness, wetness, coldness, hunger and fatigue were clearly showing on our faces and tired bodies. But despite the bleak and rainy weather, the gazillion leeches that fed on us and that terrible, terrible ride to Brgy. Tawangan, I am so glad humor and friendship conquered 'em all.


pao go said...

mam how many days niyo inakyat tawangan trail? could you share your IT? thanks!

Marye said...

Naku I can't find a copy of our Tawangan trail e, I will try my best to look for it and let will let you know :)