Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

*I'm hoping to get my lost earphones be replaced by the same brand but I know that it's so expensive so kahit Phillips or Sennheiser earphones na lang will do as long as the music quality is good (at di yung tunog lata), I'm okay with it.

*12 (Silent Comics) by Manix Abrera. Have always been a fan of his works. Support Pinoy artist! (500 pesos at National Bookstore)

*I need my own small water bottle. Lugging around a 1-liter Nalgene is so inconevenient! I want the blue one preferably pero kung wala, I'll have purple, green or pink in that order haha.
*Been asking for this one for quite some time now. I do hope I get one huhu.

*Pocket solar charger. This is a very useful gadget promise!

*Illusion lens. Pa-cute lang sa P&S nyaha.

*Long, thick socks. Any color will do.

*Para lang maiba hehe. Pero okay lang kung Safeguard soap ibigay sakin.

*Tide powder para sa paglalaba ko! :D

*Still waiting for this book to complete my Jessica Darling series books.

*More domestic and international travels (Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Davao, Indonesia and HK-Macau, etc. to push through without so much hassle, schedule and financial wise)

That's for the material stuff. For not so materialistic wishes, I wish for

* Good health
* Good health and long life for my grandmothers
* More confidence in handling my small team
* For all Filipino kids to be properly educated
* Calamity-free Philippines
* Boston Celtics in the playoffs
* Inner peace, World peace
* Ampatuan case to be solved
* Selfless politicians
* For Mykonos to come out safely in this world.
* To see my friends more often
* More years and adventures with my Cheese

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Hannee said...

i love your wishlist!hahaha

Pareho pa tayo sa nalgene bottle!:D