Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notes from recently concluded SEA trip

Despite the last minute airline booboo we made (I honestly and wholeheartedly believed that our flight back to Manila was Saturday night, not Saturday early morning) that forced us to pack up and bid Bangkok an early goodbye - leaving us pasalubong-less and aching for the shopping sprees that we never got to finish - I must say that the whole trip was a success.

Aside from the occasional waiting time, our land trips via bus to 4 different cities went quite smoothly. Immigration was a breeze. There were no major problems encountered with our hotels/lodges. We weren't mugged nor charged insanely (and I thank my skin color for that, being an Asian in an Asian country has its perks). Overall, we were quite blessed to have dealt with nice people (cab drivers, tuk-tuk drivers, waiters/waitresses, tour guides and locals we ask for questions or directions from time to time).

Truth is, it was the only thing I kept asking for whenever we light an incense candle to every temple we visited. So I guess it worked!

Ta Keo trio photo c/o the guard on duty

Goodluck bracelet we got after being blessed by a Buddhist monk

To summarize:

Ho Chi Minh City is an exceptionally clean city. Shrubs and trees are perfectly trimmed. No garbages on alleys, streets or roads. Although the language barrier can be a bit frustrating most of the time, it's always going to be part of the challenge to any new place.

Phnom Penh reminded me a lot of a certain Philippine district. They also have active residents who make good use of their parks and baywalk. Siem Reap is populated by so many hotels and tourist buses that it's possible there are more tourists than Khmers (but that's just my foolish observation).

Bangkok offers so many food options to sustain any gastronomic desire. We practically lived off street foods but there were still hundreds of dishes to try. Food are cheap and so are dresses and shoes and shirts and skirts lalalala..

Wat Chai ruins, Ayutthaya, Thailand
As sentimental I am, I believe there's no need to pour out every little gushy and mushy feelings/thoughts I have over this trip. I'll spare everyone with my inconsequential babbles but this would be my only exception. I want to thank my partners - Kimi and JC - for the incredible, amazing and awesome days we had. It was very memorable for all the right reasons and I can't wait to go on other trips, whether in or out of the country, with you kahit ayaw nyo na kong makasama pa. I don't know if they felt the same way towards me, shared the same ecstatic joys or ayaw na pala nila ko kasama no haha? Sadyang mababaw lang ba talaga ko, pero basta sobrang saya lang.

O sya. Korni na.

Salamat kay Bathala sa lahat-lahat!


Hannee said...

whoa! summary lang talaga ah :)

looking forward to our trip next year at kota kinabalu :)

miss you!


Marye said...

E kasi andami nun. Kailangan ko munang mag-organize ng thoughts. Mahaba-haba at madetalyeng entry/ies yun pag nagkataon.

Yay, KK!

Anonymous said...

More posts like these, please! :)

Anonymous said...

Phnom Penh reminded me a lot of a certain Philippine district. ---> Which one?

Marye said...

A little bit like Malate district.. haha.

Anonymous said...

'quartier rouge', in their local parlance?

Marye said...

Not really in that sense. Magulo lang, madaming resto, mailaw, madaming foreigners with locals on their laps and the like. hehe.