Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Rundown

Sept. 9

My new baby has arrived. I originally planned of purchasing it after I got my backpay from my previous employer but then decided not to na lang because I wasn't so sure how long I will be unemployed. I could really use that savings to feed myself, pay the rent and travel from time to time (turns out I was jobless for 6 months, I've stretched those savings in more possible ways than I could thought of but it just wouldn't be possible without the Cheese financially supporting me!).

Sept. 10

Bought a screen protector for it. Tumataginting na 450 pesos jusme! Because of that, I have to settle for a very cheap case protector because I don't think I (erm the Cheese) can afford to buy a fancy one for that. Okay lang, as long as hindi malunod sa pawis at fingerprints ko yung item, I'm good with it!

Sept. 11

Plans for today:

* Dentist appointment
* Grocery shopping for our trip's toiletries and other stuff
* Watch Despicable Me (hopefully!)
* Not sure if getting the suitcase from Kimi's house (and packing that will ensue) will be in today's agenda. Depends.
* Tinker it!

Sept 12.

* Hopefully just stay home
* Watch UAAP Cheer Dance Competition. Yay. GO UP!
* Pack?!? As I will have no time to do it come Monday.

I feel exhausted now just thinking of it. Yikes!

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