Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday LOVE

Remember Marcus Flutie? The fictional boy of my dream? He's back!

It is only rightful that I thank Powerbooks Shang for allowing me to finish the first three books among the Jessica Darling series. Heehee. Like Twilight, I boycotted book 4 because Jessica and Marcus were not going anywhere good, like I wanted them to be. So I didn't read that one. When I found out from a friend that there'll be a book 5, I swore to myself that if ever Marcus and Jessica still end up together, I will buy all the books.

And here I am now collecting them all. Still 3 books short though haha. Thank you Megan McCafferty for giving us Jessica and Marcus.

You. Yes. You.


juneeeee said...

<3 <3 <3

im still rereading book 4. I hate it but I need to finish it before proceeding to book 5..

Marye said...

Me? I still have to complete collecting all of em para diretso pagbabasa! :D