Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of Cebu

Last June 10-June 13, we spent some 3 oh-so-fun days in the Queen City of South. One can never get enough of Cebu, you just keep on coming back. Maybe it's the beautiful beaches, cheap-oh-so-yummy food, the lechon or even the Cebuanos who won't answer you in Tagalog even if you can't understand any Bisaya in your life (I do a little haha).

But whatever it is that Cebu has inflicted on me, I will surely come back for more. Like now na? Heehee.

At least when we were there, we were still blessed with sunny days, it's only at night that it rains really hard. But it was tolerable.

Aaaah. What could anyone say about Cebu's lechon? Winner to the max. It's not everyday you get to eat one for a very affordable price! Usually, we only have lechon here in Manila if there's a banquet. Okay maybe not a banquet, say wedding. Or graduation party. Or christening. You know those special ocassions only whereas in Cebu, even the ordinary Manongs and Manangs can eat it anytime of the day.

And I'm real glad that I spent those three days with the three most amazing persons I know. Let's go baaaaack guys! :D


ponkan said...
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ponkan said...

“Best Pig… Ever!” -Anthony Bourdain


Marye said...

Haha! True that! I want my lechon again :&