Friday, January 02, 2009

It Has Been a Great 2008

Personally, I can proudly claim that 2008 has been my year. Bathala has been so good to me, maybe not in everything, but mostly He has been really generous and kind. Whenever I think and look back at all the things that I've wished to accomplish, experience or simply to have, I just shake my head na lang. Out of those 8, isa lang naman ang di natupad. Well I guess at that time it was still a grand wish. Nevertheless 7 out of 8 is not bad. Not bad at all.

I am thankful and grateful for:

* climbing a new mountain
* Visiting way too many churches
* Paete trip
* Dramachine Beybis' sorta reunion
* First Manila trip ( and meeting fellow Manila trippers)
* having my Tbud
* 2 Baguio trips this year
* Nueva Ecija roadtrip
* Kambini
* Holy Week getaway in Nueva Vizcaya
* A birthday celebration on an island (supeeer memorable)
* learning how to ride a bike (it's never too late!)
* eating in different restaurants
* Going to Pampanga to meet Ate Grace
* too many late night-outs
* simple dinner with friends
* Eraserheads' Reunion Concert ( kahit na nasa Masa side lang kami haha)
* New Job
* Dumaguete trip
* meeting new friends (and forging new memories and bondings)
* unlikely beach getaway months with my Bermillo family (ampon na ko!)
* JC
* joining a Marathon
* Manila Trip 1.5
* Enchanted Kingdom
* Kart Racing
* Concerts ( and getting starstrucked!)
* Riding a Helicopter (whoa!)
* Birthday surprises (always fun)
* unplanned trips
* Ultimate roadrip up North

At syempre ang pinaka-importante sa lahat, GREAT FRIENDS. Without which most of these won't be even possible. Haylabshu all!

For my target things to do this 2009, i need to come up with a better and stronger accomplishments in life such as having a 6-digit savings bank account. Kung kalabisan man yun, fine, let me make it 5-digit. One word: Goodluck!

Thanks 2008, Hullo 2009..

Whoopee New Year Everyone!


atticus said...

have a great year ahead!

Marye said...

at sainyo rin! Salamat!! :)