Friday, December 26, 2008

Have Money will Travel..

well I don't have money (okay, that much money) but I was given the chance, so Go na di ba! Its almost 12 and I know I should be sleeping and all na but I can't yet. I'm so excited.

I'm off to see these wonderful places in a few days. Yay! Goodbye Manila for now, hello fresh air, longganisa, cobbled stone streets and Unesco heritage site. Pepe would be proud!

I shall kiss the Metro goodbye for a while muna. Chus!

*Happy New Year in advance. Keep those ten fingers safe! :)


atticus said...

uy, i love that place. how was it?

Marye said...

Bangui windmills was amazing! Ilocos Region is beautiful. Madami pa nga kaming di napuntahan e pero I enjoyed it! :)

atticus said...

hahaha! i wrote about the windmills last year. i had a great time there.