Friday, December 19, 2008

of farewells and deathly silence

Admittedly, I am not good with goodbyes and faretheewells. Hey, it may not really show most of the time but my alter ego succumbs into it nonetheless. But I have to say, that today's goodbyes and farewells didn't bother me much. Why? I'm not exactly sure either. Maybe because I don't feel alone anymore, maybe because I have other friends and almost family to hang onto each time someone leaves or maybe because I know that it wouldn't be a permanent goodbye. There's always the thought that they'll come back, no matter how long it may take.

Whenever my grandmother and I have fights or if I did something she didn't like, she'd give me the silent treatment. She's not the type to hit a kid, she might give me some awfully long sermons and that's that but she'd still ignore me for some time. And it kills me. That was about the same time when I learn how to deal with being alone, burying my nose under tons of books and writing wrong-grammared entries on my dog-eared journals. See, I can be very sociable and friendly and all but I highly regard my solitary moments too, it doesn't last that long though bummer.

That's why I dont like these long silent seconds, minutes, hours. I'd rather you scream and shout at me than endure those long deathly silence. Or I can always just walk away. But I suck at it. So either way...


atticus said...

i have long learned that my character flaw is that when i don't yell at the person who irritated me, the silence can be long and permanent.

kaya i yell na lang. but sometimes i still find myself silent, and i lose friends that way.

merry christmas. here's to friends and relatives that should get an earful.

Marye said...
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Marye said...

whoa! The great writer commented on my blog! I am so honored and shocked. Salamat miss JJ! Bistado ako hehe.