Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm leaving this behind..

Last week was one drama-filled week, one I've had for quite some time. What would you choose if what is at stake is friendship and what other people thinks of you? I never gave much thought about what people think of me cos see, when you go to UP, image doesn't really matter unless you let it get into you. But when friends starts to talk it bothers me so much. More than anyone could imagine.

I guess I never would understand why people feel the way they do over some things that shouldn't really be an issue nor a problem and much as I want to really comprehend, I really don't see any reason at all to find faults where there are none.

Anyhoo, I'm glad that it's all over for now. Just can't actually believe that I will dump a friend over buzzes and gossips and whatnots.

You are one of my best friends and I don't think it would be fair or right for you to drop me to be honest. But if you really ever do find that you have no choice then please just tell me and i'll just back off and be less there i guess, cos i'd rather just know and back off than just be dumped cos thats just kinda harsh

After reading this, I realized that what I was about to do (or have done!) was indeed harsh. I was so pissed that night that I was willing to do anything anyone would ask me to. And it doesn't help either when your closest friends can't seem to give you an honest answer without talking about it first behind your back.

Oh well. It seemed ages ago. I left all of the bad stuff in Talamitam when I went there. I'm sorry if I wouldn't come back there for a second time (but who really knows?!) maybe when everything down here's looking up a lot better, maybe then. I know I'll forget everything just like I've forgotten every other forgettable moments in my life, just give it a month or two haha.

Sorry for all the people whose life I messed up.What can I say, I'm one messed up kid myself.


atticus said...

ay, drama. tahan!

magwalis ka na ng bakuran. tapos mag-igib ka.

Marye said...

wala na! pinalipad ko na sa hangin, nailaba ko na at plantsa hehe.