Thursday, October 23, 2008

Of prayers..

I'm not a religious person, that I'm sure of. 10 or 11 years ago, I could've passed as one what with growing up with a hardcore strict Catholic grandmother. And then I went to UP. And all else sailed out of the window..except my personal virtues, of course they're intact. I never believed that you have to go to the church to ask for forgiveness, to thank the higher deity. We can all do that while we are walking, or eating, or just sitting. It doesn't have to be an obligation to seek Church's approval for everything because if that is the case then everyone would've gone nuts and this planet would be in chaos.

It is enough to know and acknowledge that there is Someone out there, far more intellectual, understanding, forgiving, kind, generous and forgiving. It will blow my mind just to think what or who could possibly be the reason for everything. I know my brain capacity limit. We all are gifted to think for ourselves and it is up to us if we shall accept truth over lies, beauty over ugliness, peace over war, love over hatred.

I know I'm digressing and this isn't a normal entry for me for I try to never start my sentences with "I" but since this day isn't like any other day, I shall let it pass.

All my love and prayer to Tita Babeth..One of the best mothers I've ever met. Get well soon tita..

Stay strong Kimimay..

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