Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action day.

Uhmm..wala akong makwento as of now. Pero gusto ko talagang mag-participate dito kasi para saan pa't nagka-blog nga di ba. Anyway, my only say in this is that, we can overcome this...someday. Kung kelan man yung someday na yun aba, yun lang ang problema. I believe that Jose Rizal wasn't exaggerating when he put his hopes and faith on the future generation. It is in our hands to overcome poverty. It is such a delicate issue (at least to those who are experiencing it) and I for one has seen and felt what it was like to live in total poverty. Pero gusto ko lang sabihin that I am way better off than most other people out there. What I experienced, even if in my opinion was the worst days of my life, it is NOTHING compared to what millions of people are going through.

Kaya mga bata, ubusin ang pagkain sa inyong plato, do not buy excessively, use only what you need, donate at least once in your lifetime, do not give alms to street children (instead give them foods) and thank the Lord above that you have roof over your head and food to put in your mouth.

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