Sunday, April 01, 2007

pardon the cheesiness..

went to church a while ago. after about 48 years, I actually went back. I guess I still surprise myself from time to time. and as always, i dunno what's with the UP church, but it almost always gives me that big lump in the throat. I'm such a wacko I actually have to stop myself in crying in front of all these happy people. and while I was in there, i realized why..kinda. It was nostalgic for me because I still clearly remember when me and my housemates used to go there (and even you honey for one quite memorable time). Suddenly, the strong emotion of missing your sorta family in the university engulfed me, hence my being sentimental. Gosh. I really,really miss you Ate Grace, Popsie, Jog, Izay, Che-Che and Honey. Magparamdam naman kayo..If only there's a way...

actually nagparamdam na beforehand si Jog kagabi lang at si Honey kanina lang.

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Hannee said...

now you made me cry..:( i do miss you all...a lot. iba ang UP dahil sa inyo. do you still remember the days when we used to eat together on sunday nights. jaja (jp's ex) was still with us, ate and popsie were an item. everybody's happy.

now i have to blog this.. :(

you made me sad...