Wednesday, April 18, 2007

and so the story goes..

a lil sense of deja vu awashed me last night while watching (and hearing) Wendy of the Pinoy Big Brother 2 (yes, i do watch and it's one of the few things that actually keep me happy) say something about her education background. I don't really like her as a housemate but that moment, it was like seeing myself in front of the tv while she was thanking all the people behind her graduation. She has a tita who's not actually even related to her but decided to help her finish her studies without anything in return. she was right and i agreed to her 100% when she said that there are really some people in this world who are willing enough to help others just because they want to. I know so because I do have them too. Also her feelings about graduation, on how important it is for her to get up on stage and claim that stupid (but most sought after) piece of parchment. Tama sya. Yun ang resulta ng lahat ng paghihirap mo. Friggin' evidence that took her 8 years to get at hindi kami nagkakalayo ha, so just imagine how freaking happy we were. So medyo natamaan lang talaga ako.

Tanggap ko nang hindi ako makakapagmartsa oo, pero honestly hindi ako masaya na hindi ko nga mararanasan yun. Hellow??!! Pero, tanggap ko na talaga. It's just one of those things that apparently I still can't have. But as I've promised to every batchmates, I'll be waiting outside the theater to give them their most deserving sampaguitas ever. NOT! Hugs will do! :)

Happy Graduation to us all!!!

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Hannee said...

haaay..mgpapahipokrito ba ako at sasabihin kong ok lang na hindi ka makakapgmartsa? haaay..anlungkot non pare :(