Saturday, March 17, 2007


it's been one the "barenaked ladies" blurts out in their funky funk song. True enough for me. It's been a long week of no texting and surfing for me! Gosh.Who would've thought that i can? Well, let's just say that if you want to accomplish all these try living on a very tight budget everygoddarnday and, voila, you'd really be doing it. Plus, I've actually kinda been so caught up with my upcoming exams that i almost forgot there's gotta be more to this life. haha! everyday is such a routinary day. Math classes, DLRC tutor sessions, my Korean tutor til 6 and then nightly review session in Jollibee Philcoa til 10 (where we never, as in never buy a single food even after studying there for 4 days!), go home, watch PBB and Princess Hours, then try to mess around for a while then sleep. And tomorrow's another day. It's actually the first time that i got to focus and concentrate for my calculus stuff but yesterday on our last DLRC review session, somehow it dawned on me how my life nowadays became so repetitive i don't even wanna open my notes again to see integrals and natural logarithmic functions. Gawd.I just want to scream. hanggang kelan ba 'to?

*on the otherside of my life, the one apart from Math, (*,*), it was kinda slow and boring and blah. I have nothing to say except that my life now revolves around free stuff! I just LOVE freebies. Free toothpastes, free shampoos, free movies in FI and Videotheque. So, thank goodness for small things because 'tis the only stuff now that brings color to my otherwise so-called bland life.

*Honey: i saw him last night. We were in the same ikot jeep. he was with 2 friends. funny how i actually remembered him even after only meeting him once. so i guess, my brains not failing me yet. if that's news for you then i'd be honored to be the bearer. :) i hate you! you actually did BLUSH!!! there's still hope for chocolate-colored people like us after all! Weee! :) enjoy always. email if you can. i'll text you naman as soon as magkaload ako. :)
Apparently: my most used word these days. ahlavet!

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