Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yea Ba!!

'tis official
July 21, 2007 is the official release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

and she left an interesting message in Balmoral Hotel (where she finished writing the book). Lookit here:


Graciela said...

check this out:

Is Dumbledore dead or not?! In an interview yesterday in the Guardian, Dan Radcliffe said:

'Jo came down to the set at one point and I said, "Oh hello, why are you here today?" And she said, "Oh I just needed a break from the book - Dumbledore's giving me a lot of trouble." And I said, "But isn't he dead?" And she said, "Well, yeah, but it's more complex ..." I was like, [briskly] "OK, I'm not gonna ask anything else!"'

So, it would seem we haven't heard the last of Dumbledore after all, despite JK's public protestations to the contrary

Marye said...

i knew it!!! dumbledore never died. :)

musta na ate?? amisya amisyah!!!

Graciela said...

well jk said he's dead and that we shouldn't expect him to do a gandalf. so either his really dead but not permanently dead OR he'll pull an obi wan and guide harry on finding the horcruxes..

i think dumbledore is an unregistered animagus, a phoenix hehe.. so he can be brought back to life from ashed hehe..

Marye said...

ganun??pwede. anything's possible kasi si dumbledore yun e! i can't wait, really!!!